The life celebration guest book also comes in a kit that provides everything you need to plan a life celebration:

Life Celebration Kit includes thank-you cards, guidebook, folders and more.

Life Celebration Kit


Life Celebration Memory Book - ID: LCMB



More than just a register book, this memory book/guest book/photo album is ideal for capturing the essence of the person - their passions, hobbies, interests, accomplishments and family history. You'll want to make completing the book a family activity. Encourage children, grandchildren and all family members to partcipate. It will be therapeutic and rewarding, collecting photos, memory cards, notes and letters. Share friends' and family's personal memories by inserting the "My Special Memory of You" cards into the book. Additionally, the book can be used as a guest book at the life celebration. This book will be treasured for generations to come. The book's register pages have lines for about 225 names.

Includes (50) Share Memories Cards. Family and friends are encouraged to write their memories of their loved one on the cards. The cards say, "My Special Memory of You…” When people enter the service, a family member or the funeral director hands the guest a card with a pen. At the end of the service, the cards are collected and are placed inside the cloth book. The cards are hole punched so they can be placed throughout the book.

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7 3/4 " wide x 10" tall Price: $99

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