Steel blue fabric urn Cream fabric urn Hunter green fabric urn
Sage fabric urn Maroon fabric urn
Navy military fabric urn Khaki military fabric urn Biodegradable paper urn
Handmade paper biodegradable urn
Hemp urn with photo
Hemp urn with photo

Biodegradable and Scattering Urns

These urns are for scattering and some are biodegradable. The biodegradable urns are made from paper or hemp, and can be used for memorial services, burial, or to scatter ashes from. They also can be kept at home. Biodegradable urns are natural, simple and beautiful.

Fabric urns are sleek and tailored, and are easy for scattering ashes. They are perfect for air travel since they meet the standards of the Transportation Security Administration.

For more information on scattering ashes, visit our page on how to scatter ashes. Read our poems for a scattering ceremony.

Review our guide to how to buy a funeral or cremation urn for more information on the types of urns available.