Please allow 6-8 weeks for urn to be made


Monet Ceramic Urn-Terra ID: MU5

There is only one word that is appropriate to describe this urn and the word is “spectacular”. The husband and wife team who created it found inspiration in Monet’s gardens in Giverny, France. You will love the detail of the individual flowers formed from glass and the effect of the glass, resembling green stems, that flow down to the base. Under the base the artists have signed the piece. The team has been together and working in glass since late college and while their style is influenced by traditional Swedish and Italian glass blowing techniques, they’ve created a style of their own. Their pieces incorporate a bold and innovative color palate to create a contemporary style like no other. The artists melt sand and other raw materials into glass at temperatures exceeding 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. They gather the molten glass onto blow pipes, then through the use of heat, gravity, and centrifugal force, they manipulate the glass into beautiful works of art.

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16.5" Tall x 6" wide, approx. 200 Cubic Inches Price: $699
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