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Mary's Ideas:

Help your guests connect by providing name tags that show their name and the name of their loved one who passed. Adding the relationship to their loved one will help people meet and talk with each other.

Read our article, How to personalize a memorial and find many other great ideas.

We also have a great collection of songs to play at a funeral, with lyrics and a sample of each song:
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Memorial plantable cards

Memorial Gift Ideas for Hospices and Hospitals

Memorial Gifts and Tokens of Remembrance for a Hospital or Hospice

Hospice groups often provide memorial cards and other tokens of remembrance to family members as part of the grieving process. We have a selection of items that can be used by hospices and hospitals to give to people who lost a loved one. All of our personalized items can be ordered with a general dedication.

Pocket Charms Angels
Pewter Angel Pocket Charms
Butterfly cards
Butterfly Memory Card Set
Plantable cross memorial cards
Plantable Cross Seed Cards
Memorial trees
Memorial Trees
Memory stones
Memory Stones
Heart Forget-me-not Cards
Heart Forget-me-not Cards

Gifts With Your Organization's Name

The loving memory coins can be printed with your organization's name on them. The coins require a minimum quantity of 350 and 3-4 weeks for delivery, plus a set up charge of $250. Please call 800-465-0553 for details and options.

Burlap memorial trees come with a card that can be personalized with the name of your group.

Forget-me-not Seed Pouches are personalized with the name of your organization, hospice or hospital, and contain a lovely poem and dedication inside the card.

Plantable heart cards
These plantable heart cards can be inscribed saying "Plant this heart and wildflowers will grow, In Memory of Your Loved One" and distributed to friends and family of those who passed away. They can then plant the heart and wildflowers will grow in their memory. Find heart seed cards here.

More memorial favors

This video shows all the styles of plantable memorial cards that we offer. View all the memorial card styles here. Any card can be printed with a generic message and used for group remembrance ceremony and given out to family members.

Also perfect for a hospice or hospital group event are dove or butterfly card tree. Each family member can fill out a card for their loved one and tie it on a branch or small tree. Be sure to specify if you want holes in the cards for tying them onto the branch.


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More Memorial Favors

Have you found these ideas helpful? Check out this book with everything you need to create a personalized memorial service. It is downloadable, or if you prefer a paper copy, it will ship the same day it is ordered for quick delivery.
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