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This book is also available in a memorial kit with matching thank-you cards and printable memorial folders:
Military Memorial Kit

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Military and Service Fabric Memorial Guest Book- ID: RW-MilBook

Beautiful fabric covered memorial guest book is designed to last for generations to come. These register books are made using authentic military or service uniform fabric, trim, hat emblem and ribbon of Good Conduct.

More than just a register book, this memory book/guest book is ideal for capturing the essence of the person - their dates of service, photo, family record - and recording the details of the funeral such as music and bearers. There are also appropriate poems and readings such as Taps, America the Beautiful, and Psalm 23. The American Flag motif is used throughout, and the insignia of the branch of service adorns the beginning of the book inside.

Additionally, the book can be used as a guest book at the life celebration or funeral. The signature pages can be removed and placed along the table at the entrance to the ceremony, in order to prevent a long line from forming. This memorial guest book will be treasured for generations to come.

Shipping only $5.00

10" x 11 1/2" Price: $109
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Air Force
Coast Guard

To order additional memory cards with drilled holes, that can be placed in the book, click below to add them to your cart. (Note that the book can only hold about 75 cards, but the additional cards can be kept separately in a memory box or elsewhere):

Quantity Price Memory Cards
25 cards $19.00
50 cards $29.00
75 cards $35.00
100 cards $39.00
125 cards $44.00
150 cards $49.00
200 cards $53.00

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