Butterfly Seeded Memorial Bookmarks Plantable heart wildflower seed card
Butterfly seeded card with photo Seeded leaf card dark green
Cross plantable wildflower memorial cards Heart plantable memorial bookmarks
Forget-me-not seed pouches Butterfly Forget-me-not Seed Memorial  Card
Flower seeded card with photo Cross Seed Memorial Bookmarks
Plantable wildflower seed packets Dove seeded card with photo
Heart forget me not memorial cards Flat wildflower memorial cards
Envelopes for all seed cards

Personalized Plantable Memorial Cards

Personalized Memorial Gifts

Our line of memorial cards contain handmade paper that is embedded with flower seeds. Hand out these cards at the memorial or funeral service, and your guests can plant the card to grow flowers and have an everlasting memory of your loved one. The cards are personalized with your message and make a nice memorial gift.

NewIntroducing our newest line of plantable products: the personalized seeded bookmark. The cross and butterfly are made with plantable forget-me-not seeded paper and can be removed and planted to grow forget-me-nots, a perennial that is easy to grow and is a beautiful periwinkle color. View the cross memorial bookmarks, heart seed bookmarks, and butterfly memorial bookmarks here.

Also new are the burlap tree seedlings, which are good for outdoor enthusiasts. Plant the a tree in memory of your loved one. The attached card is personalized at no additonal charge.

The butterfly and heart forget-me-not cards contain seeds of forget-me-not flowers. The cross and heart wildflower cards contain wildflower seeds, which will grow a variety of colorful wildflowers. Simply remove the shaped paper portion and plant in the ground.

The butterfly forget-me-not seeded card is folded and can hold a poem and dedication to your loved one inside. The other cards are personalized on the front.

The wildflower flat card is entirely made of wildflower paper, and the whole card is planted to grow wildflowers. This card can even be used as a program or invitation.

Any of these cards will add a unique touch to any memorial service. All cards contain planting instructions. They can also be used as thank you notes or to send to people who couldn't attend the service. Envelopes are available separately for mailing the cards.

Watch this video to see samples of the different cards and the options.

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