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mary hickey

Mary's Ideas:

Create a video or DVD from photos and video or movie clips of your pet. This video can be played at family gatherings or the anniversary of their death. You can also easily make copies to share with close friends and relatives.

Thoughts on Grief

Etched Memorial Marble Tile Wooden photo pet urn for ashes
Raku Pet Urn Pet memory box and photo urn for ashes
Artistic Jade pet urn with bronze Tall green urn with fern impressions
Wooden photo oak urn Large dog urn and photo memory box
Artistic raku ceramic pet urn  
Biodegradable heart pet urn for ashes  

Artistic Pet Urns

On this page, you will find small artistic urns specially designed for your pet. Keep in mind that the minimum urn size required will be about 1 cubic inch for each 1 pound of the weight of your pet. Thus, for a 100 pound dog you will need a minimum urn capacity of 100 cubic inches, or for a 10 pound cat, a smaller urn of 10 to 15 cubic inches will suffice.

Urns with photos allow you to display your cat or dog's picture on the front. Some contain a special velvet tray allowing you to display significant mementos such as your pet's collar, photos, and favorite toy. Seeing the picture of your pet and the beautiful wooden box will provide comfort in the times to come.

With the unique memory keepsake boxes, you can create and exhibit an impression of your pet's paw, along with a photo, and they contain a memento tray and cremation urn compartment. We also have an assortment of beautiful wood and ceramic urns that can be used as cat or dog memorial urns.

A biodegradable heart urn is made with beautiful paper and flower petals, and is suitable for burial or can be kept at home.

In addition, we have small keepsake urns that would be suitable for memorializing the loss of a small pet. We carry an array of beautiful ceramic, glass, and raku fired artistic urns. Any of these artistic pet urns for ashes will be a keepsake that will memorialize your small pet and celebrate your special bond. Visit small keepsake urns page.

For a larger pet, over 100 pounds, check out our ceramic urns, wooden urns, or fabric urns.