Ordering suggestions for envelope color:

Order White Envelopes With: Order Cream Envelopes With:
Cross wildflower cards Wildflower Heart Cards
Forget-Me-Not heart cards with blue cards Forget-Me-Not heart cards with cream cards
Flat wildflower cards Butterfly cards with cream cards
Butterfly cards with blue or yellow cards  

View cards that match these envelopes:

Wildflower heart cardsWildflower heart cards

Butterfly forget-me-notButterfly forget-me-not cards

Flat wildflower card Flat wildflower card

Heart forget-me-not cardForget-me-not heart card

Cross wildflower cardPlantable wildflower cross card

Envelopes- ID: ENV
Consider ordering some mailing envelopes with your seed cards. These envelopes can be used with heart cards, flat seed cards, or butterfly seed cards. They come in cream or white. Choose the color envelope that matches your cards. Please review the table on the left to find the correct envelope color. Envelopes measure 5 x 4 inches and take regular postage.

In addition to sending the plantable cards as thank you notes, many customers tell us they are also sending these cards on the anniversary of their loved ones death or on the birthday of the deceased.

No additional charge for shipping, ground shipments are $5 for the entire order.

5 x 4 inches.

Quantity: Price White Envelopes Cream Envelopes
25: $8.75
30: $10.50
50: $17.50
75: $26.25
100: $35.00
125: $43.75
150: $52.50
200: $70.00

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