Types of Seeds in Wildflower Heart Cards and Flat Wildflower Cards

• Bird's Eye
• Clarkia
• Black Eyed Susan
• Sweet Alyssum
• English Daisy
• Catchfly
• Snap Dragon

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On the back of the card you will find instructions for planting, we recommend starting in a pot covering the soil with a paper towel to keep them moist. They can then be transplanted if you wish.

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Also available, matching envelopes:

Customer comments, "The heart seed cards were exactly what I was looking for. My sister would have loved them and in this small way we can remember her in the garden of our hearts. Thank you so very much!
Becky W-Rochester, NH

I received the cards last Thursday and they were lovely! This past Saturday about 20 of us gathered for a small memorial service and the cards were really an important part. It was wonderful to have something tangible for folks to take away with them and to remember Joan by. Joan's daughter spoke about how the cards would be going to about 10 different states and that wildflowers w/be blooming all over the country in her honor.

Thank you for expediting our order - I am so glad I found you on the web!
Mary K- Seattle, WA