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Mary Hickey

Meet Mary!


Mary Hickey, founder of Next Gen Memorials, shares her tips and experience to help you plan and personalize a life celebration or funeral in her free book

Planning a Celebration of Life

SAMPLE TIP OF THE MONTH: Poems and verses can be used to set a theme for the service. The poem can be used in the eulogy, on the service folder, on place cards, on bookmarks, and on thank you notes. Browse our Poems and Verses for Memorial Services

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Personalized memorial cards and bookmarks

Next Gen Memorials was created to provide individuals and families with unique and creative life celebration products and ideas to guide you through planning a memorial service or funeral. Most of our beautiful and unique urns and seed card memorial service products we design ourselves, offering you a broad range of contemporary options to make your life celebration a truly memorable event for your loved one.

Our top selling products at Next Gen Memorials are our butterfly forget-me-not memorial bookmarks and plantable wildflower seed heart cards, personalized with your loved one's name. These unique memorial cards also make a great funeral gift, funeral thank you card, sympathy or condolence card . You plant the cards, and every time flowers bloom, you’ll be reminded of your loved one. View a video of our plantable memorial card collection.

View our 10 best-selling funeral gifts at Next Gen Memorials and download our quick and easy-to-read book with tips for planning a funeral that will lead you to creating a memorable life celebration.

Looking for a creative thank you gift for a funeral or memorial service? Give friends and family a customized plantable bookmark. When the bookmark is planted, forget-me-not flowers grow in your garden! A perfect tribute to a special person who loved to read and garden. Our bookmarks come in a variety of designs including Crosses, Butterflies, and Hearts.

 Memory cards
Capture memories of your loved one with these Remembrance Cards

How are funeral cards and memorial cards used? Watch our video!

We offer unique, personalized memorial cards, memorial and funeral gifts and fabric travel urns that can be taken on to an airplane.

Perhaps organ music isn’t your thing at your life celebration or memorial service (it’s not ours) so do browse through our collection of memorial songs, and life celebration poems and verses.

Not sure what to say during a eulogy for your loved one? Read how to write a funeral eulogy to make it easier, plus we have a free sample funeral eulogy.

If you are looking to purchase a funeral or cremation urn, you may want to read this guide to find an urn for ashes first.

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