How to Scatter Ashes - Tips for Spreading Ashes


Would you like to learn about how to scatter ashes?  You may envision going out to a beautiful spot and scattering your loved one’s ashes. This can be a beautiful, ceremonial and a very healing way of returning a loved one to nature. However, it can also be a disaster. The following guidelines will make the experience a positive one. Also it will make the final wish of your loved one, “I just want my ashes to be scattered” to come true.

To begin, often the word “ashes” is used to describe cremated remains. The media portrays it as light ash. But the reality is the remains are bone fragments that have been mechanically reduced. They normally don’t gently flow into the air. It is more like heavy sand. That being said, there is some dust or ash that can blow in the wind.  So when scattering cremated remains, 0make sure to check the wind so they don’t blow back in people’s faces or onto a boat.

You will also want to consider the legal requirements to scatter ashes. In no state is it legal to scatter remains on private property without permission from the property owner. Also many parks also have rules and permit requirements, so you will want to check into the requirements.

If you do plan on spreading ashes, many people are choosing to keep some of the remains in a keepsake container or mini urn. Some people feel they still want a part of the person.  And sharing the cremated remains is a way to still have a part of the person with you. Keep in mind, you will want to make sure the partial remains are in a sealed plastic bag inside the keepsake or mini urn. A funeral director can handle this for you. Many products are also available such as diamonds that are made out of the remains. Or jewelry that is designed to hold the remains or hand blown glass paper weights.

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