4 Things You Need For a Celebration of Life, Ideas for Planning

When you are planning a Celebration of Life, funeral or memorial, you will need a few items to make it personal and memorable.

Planning a celebration of life is essentially planning a party, and you may want favors or gifts for guests, so they can remember their loved one with a token of remembrance or funeral favor.

  1. Memorial Photo Collage Boards: Photo Boards are often displayed near the entrance, containing photos of the person who passed.  Usually photos are shown from all phases of their life, and guests can gather and reminisce, and it gives them something to talk about.  Use our memory board kit to add frames, embellishments, sayings and memories to your photos on the boards.
  2. Celebration of Life Guest Book: Guests will sign in to the funeral guest book to create a memory book for the family members.  How about using a book that contains photos and memories of your loved one?  A memory book can also contain notes and memories written by the guests, on Share Memory Cards, rather than just a signature.  The book becomes a cherished family heirloom and can be brought out at holidays and anniversaries.

    View more life celebration guest books.

  3. Favors or Souvenirs for Guests: Give guests a memento to take home with them to remember the one they lost. Nice choices are personalized cards, pocket coins or charms, or small memory stones that can be kept in a pocket or purse.

    View more celebration of life favors and gifts.

    4. Celebration of Life Program: The program is handed out to guests and contains a list of the sequence of events for the service.  The readings are listed, and usually a photo is included also. Our memorial programs can be printed out at home.

    Life Celebration Memorial Folders Front

    Printable Life Celebration Memorial Folders, Front

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