5 Hospice Memorial Service Ideas

5 Hospice Memorial Service Ideas

1. Bookmarks that grow flowers when planted

Hospice groups and hospitals are often looking for ideas for what to give to families at a memorial service. It’s customary to provide memorial cards and other tokens of remembrance to family members. We have a selection of items that can be used by hospices and hospitals to give to people who lost a loved one. All of our personalized items can be ordered with a general dedication.

Bookmarks with group generic messages

Bookmarks with group generic messages

The bookmarks come in heart, cross or butterfly styles, and the color can be selected, or an assortment of colors is available. Instead of filling in the name, choose the option with “your loved one” in the personalization box.

2. Coins With Your Organization’s Name

The loving memory coins can be printed with your organization’s name on them. The coins require a minimum quantity of 350 and 3-4 weeks for delivery, plus a set up charge of $250. Please call 800-465-0553 for details and options.


3. Tree Seedlings in Burlap That Families Can Plant in Memory of their Loved one

4. Forget me not seed pouches and memory stones

Forget me not seed pouches are personalized with the name of your hospice or hospital. There is a lovely poem and dedication inside the card.

Custom printed memory stones are available with your logo.

This video shows all the styles of plantable memorial cards that we offer. View all the memorial card styles here. Any card can be printed with a generic message and used for group remembrance ceremony and given out to family members.

5. Cards for Families to Write a Message to their Loved One

Also perfect for a hospice or hospital group event are dove or butterfly card tree. Each family member can fill out a card for their loved one and tie it on a branch or small tree. Be sure to specify if you want holes in the cards for tying them onto the branch.

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