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What do they hand out at funerals?

What do they hand out at funerals?

What do they hand out at funerals?

Are you wondering, what do they hand out at funerals?  Many people planning a funeral want to include a gift or favor for the guests.  Ideas include:

  1. Memorial program or folder
  2. Funeral pocket charms, available in different shapes
  3. Plantable seed cards, which are personalized with a dedication
  4. Memorial tree seedlings
  5. Small memorial stones or rocks

Some of these gifts are personalized with the name of the deceased.  For example, forget me not seed packets include a tag which is personalized and includes a memorial poem.  Or, plantable cards can include a photo to make the funeral souvenir or funeral memento more special and personal.  Memorial stones or rocks are a very natural gift and can be personalized also.

See below our selection of gifts to hand out at funerals. Give guests something to take home with them from the memorial to remember the person they lost.

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