What Can I Use To Sprinkle the Ashes?

Customer Photo of Heart Biodegradable Urn

Customer Photo of Heart Biodegradable Urn floating in water after being released.

Are you wondering “What Can I Use To Sprinkle the Ashes”?  We will show you techniques and urns for scattering ashes.  When your loved one wants their ashes scattered in a place that is special to them, you may wonder how that can be done.

Urns You Can Use To Sprinkle the Ashes

Here are some urns you can use for this purpose:

  1. Use a Scattering Urn.  Some urns are specially designed for scattering ashes.  They are easy to open and transport.
  2. Use a Biodegradable Urn.  This way the entire urn can be buried or floated on the water, and the urn will eventually break down and dissolve.  There’s no need to open it at all if you don’t wish to.
  3. Get several keepsake urns.  Several people can keep some of the ashes in smaller urns that are decorative and beautiful.
  4. If you travel, carry ashes in a Travel urn.  Some urns are TSA compliant for flying and can be brought on airplanes.  Fabric urns contain a plastic box with a plastic bag of ashes inside.  They are sturdy and lightweight for travel.
  5. Keep a small amount of ashes in a Necklace Cremation Urn.  After scattering you can keep ashes near you at all times on a cremation keepsake necklace.

Tips for Sprinkling the Ashes

When you are sprinkling or “casting” the ashes, you will want to check the direction of the wind and cast the remains downwind. Most of the remains will fall to the ground.  But some of the lighter particles will blow in the wind, forming a whitish-grey cloud.

One person in the group may cast the remains or scatter some, and hand the container to the next person.  That way everyone has a chance to ceremonially cast the remains. Another option is people are given paper cups or casting cups and they cast simultaneously in a sort of toasting gesture.

Ideas for Sprinkling the Ashes

Use flower seeds while you sprinkle the ashes.

Forget me not Seed Packets contain seeds that can be sprinkled with the ashes.

Give people some flower seeds to sprinkle with the ashes.  Forget me not seed packets or wildflower seed packets can be handed out so people can sprinkle seeds along with the ashes.  The personalized card can be kept as a memento of the ceremony.

plantable seed memorial card Butterfly Forget-Me-Not and Wildflower Seed Cards

Butterfly Forget-Me-Not and Wildflower Seed Cards

Or give a card with seeded paper butterfly.  Guests can throw the butterfly along with the ashes into water or grass, and keep the card for a souvenir.

Give everyone a Dove Share Memory Card to write down memories of the person you lost.  Then tie the cards onto a plant or tree.  After the ceremony, take the cards with you, to take out on occasions when you want to remember your loved one.

Do you have more questions about: What can I use to sprinkle the ashes?  Read more tips for ways to sprinkle the ashes including trenching and water scattering, plus special poems and verses for a scattering ceremony.

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