Funeral Photo Ideas for a Celebration of Life

5 Funeral Photo Ideas for a Celebration of Life

Looking for a unique way to display a lifetime of photos at a funeral, memorial service, or Celebration of Life?

1. Attach a photo to a balloon from each year your loved one was alive. Hand out the balloons for a balloon release. Friends and family can keep the photo before they release the balloon.

2. Put a clothes line across the room where you are holding the memorial. Encourage friends and family to bring a photo or two to hang on the line.

3. If the service is outdoors, decorate a tree with photos and mason jars with candles.

4. Make a table runner out of copies of photos. Guests can reminisce while sitting at the table.

5. Create memory boards. You’ll love our memory board kit that makes it easy!

Unique Funeral Photo Examples:


More ideas combining flowers and photos are on our Unique Flower Arrangements page.

Funeral Photo Wreath or Table Runner:

 Memory Boards: Funeral Photo Collages


Funeral photo collages and memory boards make a central place for funeral attendees to gather. Many funeral homes and event locations will have boards for you to use. You can also purchase them at stationary supply stores and you can order memory board kits. The kit contains decorations and sayings to put on the board with photos.

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More funeral photo ideas:


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